Walk In Shredding

Walk-In Shredding

  • Use carts that are located in the front to load your stuff.

  • Once you have unloaded your vehicle, wheel your documents to our entrance doorway and use the “Push to Open” for ease of getting your cart inside.

  • A Smart Clerk will either greet you at the front counter, or there is a white button that will alert our staff.

  • Smart Clerk will weigh your boxes.

  • Then you pay the Smart Clerk.

  • Then they will take your documents immediately to our back shredding area.

  • Watch as your documents get shredded with our close circuit tv. 

  • Price varies by weight: Call the office for more information.

  • If you have more than 9 boxes and want to watch, we recommend that you call ahead. so you don't have to wait.

  • All paper shredded is 100% recycled.

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